Live On Stage: The Wind In The Willows

Hola Lexicans! Last week, I went to the Palladium Theatre in London to watch The Wind In The Willows. I had a great time so thought I would write a review for you today. If you live in England, they are still touring and there are tickets available in different theatres across the country.

If you have never heard the story of The Wind In The Willows, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? it is quite simply the story of four animals, Mole, Rat, Badger and Toad, who are all good friends. It starts with Mole losing his patience and wanting to go out and find a friend, where he meets Rat. Together they go on all kinds of adventures, with Rat introducing Mole to two of his friends - Badger and Toad.

Honestly I didn't properly know the storyline before I went to see the play other than it's about 4 animal friends so I went into the theatre not knowing exactly what to expect. I was straight away 'into' the storyline forgetting everything else and just being captured by the play. I absolutely loved the songs, everything single one was fun and upbeat and there were none which I thought 'meh this is okay' or 'this is going on too long now' which normally happens in a musical. When we got home, my mum straight away downloaded a Spotify playlist with all the songs on and we were playing them all throughout the house the next day!

Another thing I loved about this play was the level of comedy. The jokes were really good - there wasn't too much comedy that it just got annoying but it stayed funny all the way through. The show had a wide range of ages in the audience and I liked the way they made it funny for all ages, normally it's just adult humour that none of the kids get or silly 'bum, fart, poo' jokes that are amusing for little children.

The cast in this were really talented and effective, I loved the way they got into their roles and really humanised the animals. I imagine it must be quite hard to act a character that isn't human, like an animal or alien or whatever else but all the cast took their character and played them realistically and well (or at least as realistically as you can get when your character is a talking animal!!)

Overall I really enjoyed this play and there was not one point I felt it was going on too long or it as getting a little boring which I normally find even in the best plays (or films for that matter!). If you can get tickets still I would whole-heartedly recommend it.



Love this book - The Names They Gave Us

Hola Lexicans! This is a book review I wrote in my notebook a few months ago but for some reason never posted! I absolutely loved this book so am very surprised I hadn't published this review sooner but yah:)

The Names They Gave Us (TNTGU) is about a teenager called Lucy whose mum has been recently diagnosed with breast cancer, for the second time. To cope with the stress and worry this is causing her, Lucy's parents suggest she goes to a summer camp for children like herself, who have various different difficulties like mental health issues, suicide, the death of someone close etc. There, with other teenagers, she has counselling and helps out with young kids whilst making amazing friends who help her through the toughest of times.
Image result for the names they gave us

I. Really. Really. Loved. This. Book. I feel like I say that about very single book and it's true. I find it so frustrating that there aren't different ways to say 'I Loved This' whilst still portraying the same power the word holds but there aren't so you'll just have to stick with me repeating that phrase for now:) Whilst it was actually an extremely sad book, I found lots of parts of it so uplifting and heart warming. The book was so realistic and I loved the way the author touched on such delicate subjects. In the YA community we always talk about how we need more books with diversity and BAM this book has it all. I also loved the twists towards the end, won't say much about them other than the fact that I did not see them coming!

The final thing I really loved about TNTGU was that so much took place in the book without that being noticeable or it feeling overcrowded. I didn't really pick up on that when reading it (which is good, you don't want your book to feel like too much is happening) but afterward I wanted to read a certain bit again and to do so obviously I had to flick back through and read certain passages to see if I was in the right place, and then I realised just how much had happened in that one single book.

Overall I loved TNTGU and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who enjoys reading a good old YA book! Xxx


What I Got For My Birthday 2017

Hola Lexicans! As some of you lovelies may know, my birthday was a few weeks ago (the 18th June) and I had my party last Saturday. I had such brilliant day on both my party and actual birthday and wanted to say huge thank you to my family and friends for if they said happy birthday, or sent me a card, or gave me a gift, or celebrated with me and basically if they helped my day extra special! Some of my favourite YouTube videos and blog posts are What I Got For Christmas and Birthday posts so I decided to write my own today, as previous ones I've done have been really popular. *disclaimer: I'm not trying to brag about the presents I got and I totally understand how lucky I am to be in the position to receive all these gifts and I am 100% grateful*

iPhone 6s in Rose Gold

AhhhhhHHHHH I'm so happy that I got this! I was hoping to get an SE so to end up with a 6s was literally amazing and I was absolutely delighted! This has such good camera quality so expect much better photos on my Instagram (@whatlexieloves) and hopefully on my blog (I really want to start using photos on my blog that I took myself rather than using stock pictures!)

Pandora Princess Tiara Ring in Rose Gold

I loveeee this! Last Christmas all my friends asked for (and got) Pandora rings and honestly, I could not see the point ahah but now I had seen them wear them regularly, I kinda fell in love myself!

Adidas Holographic Superstars

I just find these shoes so cool and um lit*. I already had a pair of the black and white basic Superstars except it was getting to the point yanno where they are more of a grey and yellow colour ahah and I really really love the holo ones (I mean isn't holographic just brill?)

*I promise I will never say lit again I know it's cringey oK FORGIVE ME