What I Got For My Birthday 2017

Hola Lexicans! As some of you lovelies may know, my birthday was a few weeks ago (the 18th June) and I had my party last Saturday. I had such brilliant day on both my party and actual birthday and wanted to say huge thank you to my family and friends for if they said happy birthday, or sent me a card, or gave me a gift, or celebrated with me and basically if they helped my day extra special! Some of my favourite YouTube videos and blog posts are What I Got For Christmas and Birthday posts so I decided to write my own today, as previous ones I've done have been really popular. *disclaimer: I'm not trying to brag about the presents I got and I totally understand how lucky I am to be in the position to receive all these gifts and I am 100% grateful*

iPhone 6s in Rose Gold

AhhhhhHHHHH I'm so happy that I got this! I was hoping to get an SE so to end up with a 6s was literally amazing and I was absolutely delighted! This has such good camera quality so expect much better photos on my Instagram (@whatlexieloves) and hopefully on my blog (I really want to start using photos on my blog that I took myself rather than using stock pictures!)

Pandora Princess Tiara Ring in Rose Gold

I loveeee this! Last Christmas all my friends asked for (and got) Pandora rings and honestly, I could not see the point ahah but now I had seen them wear them regularly, I kinda fell in love myself!

Adidas Holographic Superstars

I just find these shoes so cool and um lit*. I already had a pair of the black and white basic Superstars except it was getting to the point yanno where they are more of a grey and yellow colour ahah and I really really love the holo ones (I mean isn't holographic just brill?)

*I promise I will never say lit again I know it's cringey oK FORGIVE ME


I Am Malala - book review

Hola Lexicans! It's July today *whoop whoop summer has really, truly begun* and I thought I would treat you all with some cake* a book review on I Am Malala - a really popular, inspirational book I read last month.

*sorry just remembered I ate all the cake

I Am Malala is a non-fiction book all about 19 year old Malala Yousafzai, a teenager from Pakistani who stood up for women's rights and was shot in the head by the Taliban at just 15 years old. She is the youngest person ever to win the Nobel Peace Prize. I knew who Malala was - of course, and that her book was worth reading and very inspiring yet I had never actually picked up her book... until a few weeks ago that is!
Image result for i am malala

Non-fiction books are NOT my thing. Not at all. So even though I knew this book was really popular and had got many recommendations that I needed to read it, I had been putting it off for a while and it had just been sitting on my shelf, waiting to be read and so I thought okay FINE universe stop telling me I need to read it. So I finally picked it up and started reading. Because I wasn't very convinved Iwas going to really get into it, when I started I was a little distracted and not putting all my focus and concentration into it. Later that evening when I picked it up again I finally read it properly without stopping and instantly fell in love.

I love the editorial voice in the book, it makes Malala feel so much more real as if you really know her and gives you a real backstory rather than just 'Malala, the girl who was shot by the Taliban'. I found her backstory so sad yet you could feel her passion and hope coming through within the book. I also found the way that the book was laid out almost like a story, with characters and a plot even though it is actually somebody's life.

Overall, I feel like this is a very empowering and inspiring book that every single person reading this blog post should take time to read one day. Have you already I Am Malala? What did you think of it?


Top Favourite Clothing for Summer 2017

Hola Lexicans! It has been soo hot over the last few days (as a lil Brit who is used to rain, this is leaving me as a sweaty mess) and although it was a little cooler yesterday and today, I decided it would be perfect to do a list of different clothing that I love for this summer. Some of the items in the list I do actually have, but others are things I would like and are on my wishlist!<3

H&M - Printed Dress in Purple Floral (linked here)

This is one of the items I do have. This summer dress is such a gorgeous design and I love the colours of it too! I've been trying to find nice dresses lately that I actually like (it's surprisingly hard!!) but this ticks all the boxes. Also, it's just £8.99!

New Look - Teens Shell Pink Floral Kimono (linked here)


I think kimonos are such a cute accessory and added touch to any outfit. They are so summery, particularly this one, and the floral pattern is so nice - simple but not boring! It's £15.99 which is a little pricey for a kimono (when the dress above is only £8.99) but is well worth it (New Look do the best kimonos!!)

New Look - Teens Pale Blue Floral Print Denim Shorts (linked here)

Honestly I love these! I don't own them (although now I've come across them I probably will soon ahahah). They are like a pair of plain light denim shorts but with just a little extra kick (the embroidered flowers). They just offer something a little unique without it being too over-the-top and different. They are £17.99:)

Bershka - T-shirt With Front Knot in Cream (linked here)

This is another thing I do actually have! My best friend introduced me to Berskha recently and I'm in love with it! This print is perfect, so summery and gorgeous and the fit is perfect, slightly cropped but not too much. £5.99!

New Look - Teens White Lemon Print T-shirt (linked here)

This is the final piece and something I don't own. I think lemons are really cute (my current phone case is lemons!) and I love this basic print design. This is £9.99 so a pretty good price for a tee!

So those are my top picks of fashion for this summer! Which of these are your favourites? Comment some of your favourite summer clothes!!